Mission Statement

Thurston’s mission is to buy and build healthcare businesses the right way – by partnering with high quality entrepreneurs and building strong operations that deliver both the highest quality outcomes for our customers and long-term value for our investors.

Thurston Group has extensive investment and operating experience, and has developed a consistent, disciplined and repeatable methodology for enabling businesses to reach their full potential at an accelerated pace.

As a focused investor, Thurston Group leverages a deep understanding of the unique competitive, business and financial issues facing healthcare service companies and provides valuable assistance to its management partners. Thurston helps companies significantly grow their EBITDA, while improving long-term sustainability and value through the following strategies:

  • Enhance Market Positioning
  • Execute Strategic Acquisitions
  • Identify & Implement Organic Growth Strategies
  • Develop New Products and Services
  • Achieve Operating Efficiencies

Thurston Group has invested in a range of industries over the last three decades, but the common thread is a commitment to growing businesses the right way—by building strong management teams that consistently deliver both the highest quality outcomes for customers and long-term value for investors.


Collectively, Thurston has over 45 years of growth equity experience. Thurston has consistently delivered solid returns for its partners and investors – more importantly, Thurston has built and forged relationships with all of its founders, entrepreneurs and CEOs whom it has supported above everything else.


Thurston’s thesis-driven approach within these specific verticals provides an invaluable perspective to its management teams. Specialization matters to Thurston and the entire team takes pride in its deep domain experience.

We provide tailored support but are not controlling. Our goal is to catalyze great leadership and empower them to thrive, providing our companies with what they need, when they need it.