Thurston’s companies are driven by the motivation and inspiration of our founding partners. Thurston’s job isn’t to invest in the right companies, it is to find and invest with the right partner, and support them to drive growth and greatness.

Company and Investment Size

  • $1-10 million in EBITDA (smaller for add-ons)
  • $5 million of Equity

Company Characteristics

  • History of Profitable Growth
  • Strong Sustainable Competitive Position
  • Management Wishes to Remain with Business
  • Favorable Growth Opportunities
  • Unrealized Expense Reductions

Industry Characteristics

  • Healthcare Management Services Organizations
  • Particular Focus on Dental Specialty Support Organizations
  • Fragmented Industry Focus

Use of Capital

  • Ownership Transition
  • Management Buyouts
  • Corporate Divestitures

Investment Structure

  • Flexible Ownership Models
  • Invest alongside Management

Geographic Preference

  • Geographically Agnostic